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2018 TRU Graduation Professional Photography Print Packages.
On campus.  March 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th
Alpine Room 130, CAC.
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What to Wear for your Professional Portrait Session

We provide the necessary regalia (gown, hood, cap, roses, certificate, etc.) 
Recomendations to wear.  
Make sure your daily glasses are clean.  
Retouching options are in the top 4 packages and can be an addon for the bottom 2 packages.

Women - An open neck collarless shirt that will not be visible under the gown.
Please have your hair and makeup ready before arriving.

Men - Wear a white collared shirt with a tie.  
Best not to shave just before your photo shoot due to redness.

Except for around your neck the street clothes you wear will not show up in grad attire

Please be prepared to pick your image, package and make your payment.

Fall 2017 TRU Grad Convocation Photos Oct 13th online now.

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Thank you from everyone at       250 574 7223